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Welcome to Mistico Fisso Kennel!

Hello Little horror here and welcome to Mistico Fisso my dog kennel! In Mistico Fisso we only breed pure Labrador Retrievers. We currently have 4 Labs in the kennels feel free to take a look at them, just be careful of Cooper he tends to be a bit micheivious! Sandy is currently been in competitions and she is currently my only showing dog. Hopefully there will be some new faces appearing in Mistico Fisso Kennels soon, you'll just have to wait and see won't you =D

I must mention the wonderful Taruia who made this amazingly wonderful website, and would recommend her to anyone who is currently getting a registered Kennel! Thanks Taruia for all the work you did and for most of all putting up with me!!

I also want to mention TheKennel and all the staff involved in the adoptables TheKennel on Pi, they are all amazing and they have got me additced to yet another adoptable!! Thanks you guys these adoptables will go far I know it.