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The Puppy Pen!

Phoebe had a difficult time whelping this litter. She struggled through the birth of three puppies, but the last of them suffered a complication during the delivery and was stillborn. Phoebe has had a lot of quality medical attention to be sure this doesn't affect her breeding or competing in the future and she is now doing well.

The surviving puppies are happy and healthy, and can now go home with you!

12 day update:

Yuppa, the new edition to Mistico Fisso kennels has been showing signs of being more like her father Aero than her mother Phoebe, she tends to be the more wiser of the litter unlike her blue sister, who can't seem to keep still. Father and Mother are doing well and have had their hands full.

17 Day update

The puppies are still keeping healthy and eating well, especially are wee pale blonde girl. Both pups have been showing signs of having a mix of both their parents personalities so they are a real big handful causing havoc when they please or worse when my back is turned, but I love them dearly. Mother and Father doing great, Sandy seems quite stressed but Co-oper in the last couple of days has been taking that weight off her shoulders and letting her rest while he watches the pups *How sweet!*

Sandy whelped a litter of three puppies without problem, though the last one was stillborn. We are uncertain as to why the puppy died before birth, but Sandy is in good health and had no complications from the birthing. We do not believe this loss was due to anything genetic, merely random chance.


We are also honoured to announce that our wee Blue female pup won't be staying here but finding a loving home with her new family over at Ravanna's kennels! I'm sure she'll fit in perfectly, she seems almost happy to be leaving.

Also honoured to announce that Yuppa's chosen Godparents are Sandy and Co-oper oh the joy

Sandy and Co-ooper have agreed that sometime in the near future they are getting together and going to try for puppies!!!

Are little Pale blonde female is now named Ophira so she can match her sister

Yes Ophira's sister has found the loving arms of Luvv007 and is going to APOH kennel to start her journey into maturity *giggles* We wish you the best of luck in your new home