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Show name:MF's Mini Co-oper
Kennel name:Cooper
Personality:He is very michieveous but very funny, you just can't help but laugh at his stupidness. He loves attention and tends to be more interested in his surroundings than his trainer, he can be focused if he wants to he just usually chooses not to =D He is a good jogging partner and is a big challenge plus he always keeps you on your toes.
Behaviour in show ring:none at the minute as he has not been showed
Speciality:not known
Current Girlfriend:Sandy (lucky her!)

Show name:MF's New aero bubbly
Kennel name:Aero
Personality:He is just a big teedy bear really, he is great with children and is like a wise old owl. He has lots of patience but tends to be slower, agility wise than Cooper but he has experience. He is easily trained and loves a quiet, relaxing walk and a game of tug and a war now and again. He's never aggressive but he is quite protective and he's a good dog to snuggle up to and cry and he is very understanding
Behaviour in show ring:none at the minute as he has not be showed
Speciality:not known
Current Girlfriend:none, but I have plans for him and Phoebe *nods*