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Show name:MF's Footprints in the sand
Kennel name:Sandy
Personality:Sandy seems quite relaxed and focused and her attention always seems to be on her trainer. She is very bubbly and energectic and loves a tough challenge. She is very loving and loves a cuddle and to go out on long walks especially to the beach were she can run around non-stop.
Behaviour in the ring:No agressive behaviour in the ring and is not scared of loud noises, flashes or other dogs.
Current Boyfriend:Cooper

Show name:MF's Princess Consuela BananaHammock
Kennel name:Phoebe
Personality:Phoebe is quite shy and seems quite tense and scared around larger dogs. She's a big softie and loves hugs and attention and a long sleep by a nice warm fire. She also enjoys playing fetch and swimming in the lake trying to catch the fish (not suceeding may I add)
Behaviour in show ring:none at the moment as she has not been showed yet
Speciality:not known at the moment
Current Boyfriend:none, but I have plans for her and Aero *nods*