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Amazing Grace
Free Flowing River

Name: Wilberforce

Age: 5

Height: 17.2 hh

Coat Color: Bay

Markings: Almost leopard appaloosa

Eye Color: Chocolate brown

Mate: Amazing Grace

Position in Herd: Lead Stallion

Parents (if known): Unknown

History: When Wilberforce was a two-year-old, just starting to think about splitting from his father's herd, he met Amazing Grace, a two-year-old mare who was looking for another herd to join, after her whole herd was captured by humans. Wilber decided at that point that he wanted to be with her, but his father wouldn't let him take a mare. Wilber's father was lead stallion, and believed that only the lead should be allowed to cover a mare at any point. Wilber ran away with Grace, and they started looking for other loners to join with them. They called themselves the Rebels, because Wilber ran things very differently then most lead stallions. He believed that every stallion should be allowed to fall in love and be with a mare. As long as there weren't any problems in the herd, Wilber allowed all the members of his herd to do as they pleased.

Wilber had a few problems of his own, and was never completely well, but this didn't hinder his ability to lead. He was a strong speaker, and could end most debates before they even had the chance to turn into a fight. He had a tendency to act like a colt most of the time, but when things were serious he was the most clearheaded stallion around. He leads his herd now for the third year, and they keep gathering more members.