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Amazing Grace
Free Flowing River

Name: Pitt

Age: 5

Height: 18 hh

Coat Color: Buckskin

Markings: Paint with blaze and four stockings

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Mate: None

Position in Herd: Second Stallion

Parents (if known): Unknown

History: Pitt is a huge stallion, but this is a complete opposite of his personality. He is quiet, calculating, and almost never speaks without serious thought first. He is not one to use his size to intimidate others; he instead uses quiet workings though others to get what he wants. He's very tactical, and when problems with other herds come up, Pitt is the spokesperson for the herd. Wilber may be the leader, but Pitt is the head. He can think around any possible problems, and then lets Wilber talk them out. He has never had a real mare that he calls his own, and some speculate that he is in fact interested in other stallions. None of this can be proven however, and he does have a few children to his name.