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Amazing Grace
Free Flowing River

Name: Serenity

Age: 4

Height: 17.1 hh

Coat Color: Black

Markings: Paint with blaze and four stockings

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Mate: None

Position in Herd: Second Mare

Parents (if known): Unknown

History: Serenity was the first to join the herd with Wilber and Grace. She is only a few months younger then both of them, and has proven herself very worthy to carry the position of second mare in the herd. She is more stern then Grace, and is oftentimes the disciplinarian of the herd. Grace does not like the job, so it falls to Serenity. She is a crafty mare, who can get out of almost any situation on top. The only equisusi who can beat her in a verbal sparring match is Wilber.