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We have three current breeding goals for color. We maintain that all dogs bred here will have a wonderful temperment, character, and attitude towards people and other dogs. These goals simply are our current ones as far as coat type goes.

Project One: Bi-Eyes

This project is one that centers around Ogoshi, our very handsome male. He has stunning bi-colored eyes, and we are starting a breeding project to get some interesting coat patterns and bi-colored eyes.

Project Includes: Ogoshi, Ivory, and Opal

Project 2: Red shades with marked coats

This project is to prodece dogs with both red noses and red markings. These will be in all shades of red and have all kinds of different marking sets. However, we are looking for dogs specifically with more white then red markings.

Project Includes: Rei, Incarnat, and Celestine

Project 3: Range of colors with white chest and head markings

This project is to make a wonderful rianbow of colors, but all to have the stunning markings of white chest and head. These dogs should all be much more color then white, and should all have both markings. However, if only one marking is present and they have an interesting color they will be included.

Project Includes: Tatami, Kata, Tai Otoshi, Slate, Onxy, Sapphire, and Agate

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All images are TheKennel, all characters are Taruia