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Full Name: RH Ivory Coast Coffee Bean

Nickname: Ivory

Best Show Event: Agility

Ivory is a super playful girl. She loves to run around, jumping over things and causing a mess. She will be mainly for breeding, not showing, as she doesn't have the personality to like showing. Agility is the one area where she could be a very strong contender however.

Points: 2
Competitions Won: April Agility 2nd Place


Full Name: RH Opalescent Transendance

Nickname: Opal

Best Show Event: Conformation

Opal is going to be a championship show dog. Her temperment and poise show that even now. She is calm, collected, and seems to think things through very carefully before trying them. She too will be bred, but only after she has some points and competitions won.

Competitions Won:April Conformation 3rd Place, April BIS 2nd place, June Agility 3rd place, June Conformation 1st place, July Conformation 2nd place, July BIS 1st place


Full Name: RH Brazilian Onyx

Nickname: Onyx

Best Show Event: Agility

Onyx is a firey girl who loves to move. She never stops her happy tail wagging, and will be great in active competitions. She will also produce some very beautiful and wonderful pet quality puppies.

Competitions Won:September Agility 1st place


Full Name: RH Red Agate Love Spell

Nickname: Agate

Best Show Event: Stamina

Agate is very determined, and that is why she does well in stamina competitions. She refuses to give up. She is a bit stubborn at time, and this can hurt her in some showing, and doesn't make her the most loved dog in the kennel, but she is a hard worker and never lets her handeler down.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None yet


Full Name: RH Politically Concerned

Nickname: Slate

Best Show Event: Agility

Slate is the definition of hyper, but she manages to contain that when it's time to show. She's not the best show dog out there, but she loves it more then any of the other dogs here at Rebel's Haven. She can't wait to get into the agility ring and show just how fun being high energy can be.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None yet


Full Name: RH Statuesque Beauty

Nickname: Incarnat

Best Show Event: Conformation

Incarnat is named for a specific color of marble, and like the rock she is strong, dignified and very stable. She is one of the calmest dogs we have ever met. She loves attention, and will try to get as much as she can, but it's done in a dignified way every time. She will also make a good breeder, as she is likely to be a wonderful mother.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None yet


Full Name: RH Ocean's Twilight Colors

Nickname: Sapphire

Best Show Event: Agility

Sapphire is a happy friendly dog. She loves to please everyone around her, and she work incredibly hard for such a young dog. She has a sense that will make her a champion in the agility ring. She is agressive at times, but never towards other dogs or people.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None yet


Full Name: RH Heavenly Protector

Nickname: Celestine

Best Show Event: Conformation

Celestine is awonderfully marked dog, with a matching attitude. Her stnning coat and eyes maker her a stand out in the conformation ring, and her attitude makes up believe she will produce wonderful pups. She is a great dog all around, however as of right now, she is slightly inexperienced in the show ring, so she will be working very hard ot become a champion before she is bred.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None yet

All images are TheKennel, all characters are Taruia