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Welcome to Rebel's Haven Kennel Information

Below you will find links to our nursery, where you can see all past and present litters as well as a link to our pedigree folder. Detailed information about each litter is posted there. You will also find a link to our breeding information. This is very important information if you are interested in obtaining a dog from Rebel's Haven. Lastly we have out show results. That details the success Rebel's Haven dogs have had in the monthly competitions.



Item Sales:
Rebel's Haven Kennel is going to start stocking extra items that will be sold only when the Kennel is out of stock. If you see that the main Kennel is out of stock on an item, there is a chance that I will have it. All prices are the same as what the Kennel charges.

All the males in this kennel are available for stud. The price will depend on what you are looking for, and who you are breeding them with. Remember we are an elite kennel and only want the best for our dogs and our puppies. A very common breeding fee is one of the puppies. We ask for this because we want to keep most of the bloodlines of our dogs here.

Reverse Breeding:
This is less common then the studding. We do this simply because we want to keep our bitchs' lines limited. Again, we are an elite kennel and this shows in the quality and caliber of our dogs.

More Services Coming Soon

All images are TheKennel, all characters are Taruia