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Full Name: RH A Samurai Warrior's Honor

Nickname: Rei

Best Show Event: Stamina

Rei is a terrific stud. He is friendly, very outgoing, and loves to be around humans. He might be shown some, but not extensively.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None yet


Full Name: RH Gentle Way Master

Nickname: Ogoshi

Best Show Event: Stamina

Ogoshi is a tough, but loveable stud. He's confidant and very energetic, so he's going to do well in the show ring. He's also got beautiful dual colored eyes, which we hope to breed into our lines. He's going to be a strong asset in both our showing and breeding programs.

Competitions Won:May Agility 1st Place, May Stamina 1st Place, May BIS, June Conformation 3rd place, June Stamina 1st place, June BIS 1st place, July Stamina 3rd place, September Agility 2nd place


Full Name: RH Going to the Mat

Nickname: Tatami

Best Show Event:Stamina

Tatami is a very level headed dog. He's super smart and he listens very well. He has yet to be shown, but he is very eager to start. When Ogoshi becomes a champion he will be the first new dog to be added to the show ring.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None Yet


Full Name: RH Solid Body Count

Nickname: Tai Otoshi

Best Show Event: Stamina

Tai is a dog who loves to please. He will work harder then any of the others simply to get a pat on the head and a smile from his handler. He is not the smartest dog in our kennel, and because of this there is a chance we won't show him, but he is a great dog with a good heart, and a wonderful personality.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None yet


Full Name: RH Dance of Death

Nickname: Kata

Best Show Event: Stamina

Kata is a wonderful dog with a steadfast calm attitude. He is very helpful with younger and inexperienced dogs, as he is always calm, and has a clear head. He is wonderful with both dogs and humans, and his stunning blue coat is going to be a great asset to our breeding program.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None yet

All images are TheKennel, all characters are Taruia