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Ogoshi #114 x Incarnat #203

Rebel's Haven bred its first litter on June 3rd!

This litter was from Ogoshi out of Incarnat. Incarnat did very well for such a large litter, and all five puppies were born helathy and happy.


All of the puppies except one found new homes. This is because Rebel's Haven believes in bettering the Pit Bull breed, and to do so must share well bred puppies with other Pit Bull breeders and enthusiasts.

RH Cat Burgler of Sri Lanka (Puppy #1) went to Allangelsscream
RH Sapphire Shores (Puppy #2) went to BabyKittenCandy
RH Daring Dutchess (Puppy #3) went to Calla
RH Sticky Goodness (Puppy #4) stayed here!
RH Kazan (Puppy #5) went to PonyMama

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All images are TheKennel, all characters are Taruia