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Welcome to Malaquent
Malaquent's Rebels is an original series that tells the tale of a country that is ravished by wars, rebellions, harsh dictators, and insane mages. It focuses on the lives of a few children that were exploited by the government, and decided to do something about it. It reveals the lives of strange creatures known as the Cheveyos, cursed to live as half animal and half human. So grab your sword, staff, or other weapon of choice and join the fray!

Malaquent will be written in three sets of trilogies spanning hundreds of years. The first trilogy focuses on the life of Taru, a child of the Compound who is rescued by the leaders of the Rebellion. Trained in her mage-skill to refine her control of the elements of fire and air as well as master earth and water, she is able to become a leader as well. The time is coming when the Rebellion will come to an end; one way or another.

 Malaquent is completely fictional, any relationship to real people, places, or events is purely coincidental, and is in no way ment to offend. All pictures of the Cheveyos are Emy Rothenberger. Any use of names, places, or images from these pages is strictly prohibited. Other images may be other artists, and all rights belong to those artists. Use without permission is prohibited.