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Full Name: WRK Dreaming of the Wilderness

Nickname: Earth Bound

Best Show Event: Agility

Earth Bound is a smart dog who learns very, very quickly. She is young and eager to please, and sometimes that makes a few mistakes, but always works hard. She may do better in another showing event, other then Agility, but until that is proven she will be shown in all three.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None Yet


Full Name: WRK Heaven's Little Muse

Nickname: Sky Song

Best Show Event: Conformation

Sky Song is a beautifully built dog with a stunning pale blue coat. She moves like a dream and is very responsive to her handler. She could do well in any showing event, but conformation is clearly the place where she can shine.

Points: 0
CompetitionsWon: None Yet


Full Name: WRK The Hiding Moon

Nickname: Deep Dark

Best Show Event: All-round

Deep Dark is a strong all around dog. She is fast, strong, agile, and stubborn. The last allows her to compete even against the best competitors because she does not like to lose. She will be a great show dog because of this.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None Yet


Full Name: WRK Dancing Across Midnight Sky

Nickname: Fallen Star

Best Show Event: Stamina

Fallen Star is an extremely determined dog. She's a bit stubborn, but we have learned to use that for our advantage and started training her extensively in stamina. Once given a task she won't let it go until she has completed it.

Points: 0
Competitions Won: None Yet

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